Doll joints are an easy way to add three dimensional effects to toys.  When installed properly, they are safe and effective.

Doll joints have three parts, the bolt, the washer, and the nut:

This doll joint MUST be installed on the inside of a toy, such as connecting a doll arm to a doll body.  For this example, the chevron fabric represents the toy connection.

After punching a hole through your fabric using an awl or similar item, place the bolt (ON THE INSIDE OF THE ITEM YOU ARE MAKING) and push through to the outside.  Then, add the second item (STARTING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ITEM YOU ARE MAKING) and pushing through to the inside of the second piece.

Add the washer and then the nut, making sure you have the nut is connected concave with the bolt (the hollow curved side goes in first.)  Here is an image of how the joint looks without the fabric in between:

Once attached, push the nut past at least one of the ribbed sections of the nut (much like a zip tie.)  Continue pushing the nut plast the ribs as far as needed to secure the bolt in place.  Once attached, joint will not come off.

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