Did you know that many music buttons and boxes run on batteries?  When they stop working, the buttons can be replaced to extend the life of your ite!

Here is a step by step guide for the most common music buttons.  (I will follow up soon with the newer button and box style.)

This is the older style music button with a side seam. 

You will need:  a butter knife or small flat edge screwdriver

                           a small pointed screwdriver  or similar (I use a seam ripper)

Use a butter knife, small screwdriver, or flat edge to push open the seam and pull apart.

Once apart, the top easily comes off.  Now, you will need to pull out the insert to find the battery.

Carefully pull the top off and separate the electronics from the bottom plastic housing.  There is a VERY DELICATE wire inside -- don't pull it apart from the soder!  If you pull the wire apart, your button will NOT work!!

Locate the button cell battery.  It is usually held in place with a metal housing around it.  It may simply have one open side.  Or, it may have a little tab that needs to be bent up before you can remove the battery.

Bend the tab, if necessary, then carefully push the battery out.  There are several different sizes of music button battery, but they all have a number on the top of the battery to find the correct replacement size.  (I buy extra batteries in bulk on Amazon.)

Once the old battery is removed and the new one is replaced, test the button.  to make sure all of the connections are made.  If you had to bend a tab, bend it back.

Layer everything back in the bottom housing and test once again to make certain the button works.  If not, check your layers.  A wire may be pinched or something is not making a connection.  Put the top on and carefully snap back into place.

If the button doesn't work, simply open the case up and rearrange until the button works.  The wires can be a little tricky to keep from getting pinched off.  

Once finished, place back in your ceramic, stuffed toy, or card and enjoy!

Congratulations!  You just repaired your music button.  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!


The new style of buttons work much the same way.  They have a seam on the BOTTOM of the button.  I have found the easiest way to open is simply push my thumb through the button until the pieces come apart.  

Use the steps above to repair.  Many of this style music button have two smaller battieries instead of one.  Here is my seam ripper pushing one of the small batteries out of this style button (there is also another battery on the left side.)


For music boxes, you will simply need a tiny screwdriver (like one used for eyeglass repairs.)  Just unscrew the plate near the batteries and replace like you would a child's toy or small electronic.