Is there really a difference in chair pockets?  Absolutely!

Straight Pockets.  Straight Chair Pockets work on the premise that the covers are wider than the actual chairs.  In order to get room in the pockets, the covers must gap at the edges of the chairs.

If straight chair pockets fit tight, they are essentially two dimensional -- there is no room for multiple items to fit in the pockets.


Expandable Pockets.  These pockets are made with either pleats or gathers to provide additional room for the pocket to expand as it is filled up.

My chair pockets are handmade, one at a time, based upon your chair dimensions.  I offer four different styles of chair pockets:

Value -- 3 inch pleated pockets

Tabless Deluxe -- 5 inch pleated pockets

Deluxe -- 5 inch pleated pockets with adjustable tabs

Premium -- 7 inch elastic pockets

Please visit my blogs for a better description of each style offered.