Think.  Design.  Create.  Anything Is Possible!

My Etsy shop has been around since 2012 in some form and has changed with the seasons.  What started from handmade doll clothes and tote bags turned into a shop making baby gifts.  Once my youngest son entered school, a need arose to help out some local teachers with chair pockets.  My design was so popular that I put them on Etsy.  My business  quickly turned to focus solely on those items and other teacher organizers as they were requested.  While I enjoyed making those products, the demand grew to 18-20 hours days of sewing nonstop and I got serious burnout after making over 3,000 chair pockets and 0ver 100 hanging organizers.

I turned back to toy making and saw the availability of toy supplies was lacking.  I decided to focus on selling toy supplies so that other people could have options.  I have grown my shop into a very large offering of items,  The current handmade items listed are aprons and pocket calendars.  My Mom, Glenda, makes the aprons.  She is 83 years young and has been sewing my whole life.  The pocket calendars are made by my oldest sister, Brenda.  She is a cancer survivor, a retired businesswoman, and and amazing gardener.
While I enjoy helping others, my passion remains in sewing and creating.  As such, I am working to add inventory for  new handmade, quilted items to my shop very soon.  This exciting adventure keeps me going!  

 I hope you can find something fun to complete your projects here.  Armed with my favorite cup of coffee, I take pride in fast shipping and excellent customer service.  And, for anyone creating out there, just keep calm and sew on!

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