Quality, Hand Crafted Items That Helps Make Life Better!

My designs are classic, practical, and usually created to make something better. I make my products with the idea they will last -- probably longer that you will actually need them.

I started sewing as a little girl, and it has always remained a passion of mine. When I went to college, I pursued a technical career but used sewing as a hobby and stress-reliever. I chose to be a stay-at-home Mom when my boys were born. After I designed some new chair pockets for a teacher at my son's school, my sister suggested that I make and sell them to other teachers and families.

It has now been  over five years since I made those first chair pockets and opened my Etsy store. Other variations and items have since been added to my expanding storefront line. Most of my new products started "by request."

While just about anyone can claim to "sew," the difference is seen in the quality of materials and workmanship and the ability to make adjustments to a product to meet a customer's needs. That is what you will find in everything that you see in my store. I am always open to new suggestions and will gladly try to work on a project that needs to be tackled.

During much of the year, my normal working hours occur when my children are at school. When business is hectic (particularly over the summer and at Christmas), I spend much of my days, nights, and weekends in my little sewing room.

I also list some items in my store that are made by my Mom and my sisters.. Their time is limited, but they enjoy the art of sewing just like I do.

Thanks for stopping by... I hope you find something in my store that you love. If you see something that sparks an idea in your mind, contact me! Anything is possible!
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